Topical Flea Medication

Multi-dosing is taking the largest size tube of a topical flea medication (XL) and breaking it down into smaller doses for smaller sized cats and dogs yourself..instead of paying a fortune buying the smaller sized tubes with the right amount of medication already in them.

You could be saving a lot more money using multi-dosing. Shelters all across the nation have known about multi-dosing for ages, as they have so many pets in their care it is a necessity for them to multi-dose to save money on expensive topicals.

I am trying to educate more shelters, groomers, and pet parents as to how multi-dosing works so they can stretch their dollars. The hundreds of dollars that are saved on flea medication can be better spent on other things. Don’t know how to multi-dose or what your dose should be for your pet(s)? Just buy the kit for $7.45 on the Shop Flea and Tick Medication page and it will come with a chart to break down the tubes/doses for all sized pets and for all the types of medications that can be broken down for cats and dogs.

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