I am a single Mom and I live in Massachusetts. I LOVE animals and I have 4 dogs and 5 cats of my own. I learned about multi-dosing through volunteering in shelters. I thought the idea was just brilliant! The shelter saved thousands of dollars a year simply taking large tubes of topical flea meds and dividing them up to treat smaller sized pets. The best part is that some meds are the same for both cats and dogs. Frontline Plus and Advantage 100 or 400 can both be used on cats and dogs. I thought the idea was so great that I not only started treating my own pets this way, but also became determined to help as many pet owners that I could to save money with a little common sense!

I am a GOLD POWER SELLER now on EBay. I sell thousands of money saving kits annually via Ebay and of course this site www.getlostfleas.com. But what I am REALLY proud of is being able to help those with no voices of their own..ANIMALS of course.  Your dollars help me to help them..and I give generously every month to these organizations below. As my business grows, so will the list of organizations that I give to. Thanks for helping a small fish like me make a big difference!!

  • Providence, RI  Animal Shelter
  • Animal Rescue League of Boston
  • Stray Dog INC of Texas
  • Humane Society
  • PETA
  • Paws of Plainville